Latest Project:

"The Carnival of San Pedrino" is the game where 3 to 5 players are challenged to go shoulder to shoulder, setting up and running a restaurant over a grueling weekend carnival of food (30-45 minutes).

Turns are simultaneous in this fast-paced, frenetic-fantastic restaurant simulation game from David Andrew Clarke.

Think you can win, become the darling of the Prince and an international, gastronomic sensation?

You will need to:

  • Strike deals with your competitors in order to secure the variety of clientele that are vital to success.
  • Set out tables and stock your wine cellar with respectable vintages, and be prepared to prepare slap up meals and haute cuisine.
  • Welcome a variety of illustrious international guests, while keeping out all those of a rodentine persuasion (or at very least the pest inspectors that seek them!)

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